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Happy New Year….or Life Since The Year of Living Unofficially….or F*%$ the Mayans

Posted by Brittany

Happy New Year!In case you can’t tell, that last title option was Chris’s choice. It’s proof that my husband doesn’t need a daily celebration to unleash his creative side and profane vocabulary. Not that I’m complaining…as many of you might know by now, his creativity – and even his crassness (sigh) – are among the many things I love about him.

But I digress. Chris and I thought it might be fun to share our reflections, experiences, and general whereabouts of 2012 with our fans and followers. After all, this was a momentous year for us: it was our first year following the completion of the Year of Living Unofficially. It’s hard to believe 365 (wait…366; it was a Leap Year!) days have passed since we reached our final goal on 12/31/2011, National Champagne Day. No more self-mandated daily celebrations. No more daily blog posts. Just life, as it had been before our project was ever conceived.

So what have we been up to during that time?

Let’s see. I had my 10 year “workiversary” this year, which makes me feel really old. But I’ve been with my company so long that work feels almost like a second home and I’m glad I’ve got to see the business grow and change so much over the past decade. It’s given me an opportunity to grow and change with it.

Chris still loves his job in DC. It’s a pleasure to see him so excited to wake up just because he’s looking forward to a day of work. The idea is actually a little foreign to me. I’m not a morning person, so there are very few things that actually make me excited to leave our cozy nest of blankets. I realize all of this will need to change when we have a crying infant down the hall.

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