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Happy New Year….or Life Since The Year of Living Unofficially….or F*%$ the Mayans

Posted by Brittany

Yes, we are finally officially trying to start a family. We’ve contemplated the idea of having a kid for a couple of years now. But I’ll be turning 34 in 2013 and we’re starting to realize that time is of the essence, especially if we want more than one child. So we’re hoping to be a trio by this time next year. Which is the reason that our home is currently on the market. As much as we love our wooded property, both Chris and I envision raising our family in a suburban neighborhood setting.

Before we listed our home, we had a bunch of little things around the house repaired (and painted all of our beautiful purple walls light grey!). But a much larger task has actually been the process of de-cluttering. I made several trips to Goodwill this year, but it never seems to make much of a dent. I did, however, explore a new frontier when I decided to get rid of some odds and ends that had actually retained some monetary value – I started my own ebay store! We had a lot of success with our listings, and while I put the store on hold during the holidays, I’m looking forward to selling a few more items that were a part of our home for so many years.

Even without a possible move hanging over our heads, I’m thrilled (like anyone who has seen enough episodes of Hoarders) to pare down our belongings. This year I had somewhat of a shift in the way I think about life. I’ve become a little obsessed with the idea of simplifying our existence. (All of this seems very “anti” the spirit of daily celebrations, doesn’t it?) And although I’m sure a baby will complicate our lives in the most wonderful way possible, Chris and I have made some other pledges to work toward a calmer existence. For instance, as much as we love our dogs and chinchillas, we’ve decided that once they cross The Rainbow Bridge, we will be a single-pet household. We’ve also started rethinking our shopping habits and have put an end to any impulsive buying tendencies we may have buckled under in the past.

Instead of finding happiness in objects, Chris and I are finding it in ourselves.  This year Chris biked a Century – that’s 100 miles – for the American Diabetes Association. Wait…I stand corrected. It was actually 108 miles! (He also wants me to add that he grew an “epic mustache” this “Movember.”)

I’ve filled my former “celebration time” with regular visits to the gym. I attend a class almost every day…building my strength with BodyPump, burning calories with BodyCombat, and increasing my flexibility with Yoga.

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