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Happy New Year….or Life Since The Year of Living Unofficially….or F*%$ the Mayans

Posted by Brittany

Sometimes I’m inclined to look back on our silly, contrived project with a little embarrassment. I mean, it’s not like we dedicated a year to curing world hunger or illiteracy. We celebrated 365 unofficial holidays. It was just meant to be fun, and it was. But I’ll be damned if that embarrassment doesn’t turn to pride after a few pensive moments. What we did may have been fun, but it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of planning and dedication. And I think, in the year that has passed since we laid to rest what we were calling “YOLU” long before “YOLO” was ever a thing, completing our Year of Living Unofficially has helped me hold my head just a little bit higher.

And Chris too, except for that month when the “epic mustache” was weighing him down.

So, even though 2012 was the year that Chris discovered Winnebago Man, prompting numerous and shockingly irritating imitations, all things considered it was a good year. And although we didn’t arrange or write about a slew of daily celebrations, you can be sure we had plenty to celebrate.

Happy New Year!

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