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National Science Fiction Day

Posted by Brittany

Because of the cast I thought this movie might end the evening on a lighter note, but I guess I forgot about Awakenings and Patch Adams. I was almost crying at the end of this story about a robot who feels and thinks like a human being, and fights to get the rest of the world to acknowledge his individual nature.

Reflecting on the movies we watched today, those I’ve enjoyed in the past few years, and some of the recent books I’ve read, perhaps I am a bigger Sci Fi fan than I had thought. Maybe not of the complex sic-fi worlds so fantastically illustrated on countless paperback covers, or even of the heavy and lengthy classics like Dune — but of any story rich with character development and plot regardless of its genre.

So maybe I am a fan. After all, in my 30+ years on planet earth, any time I’ve had the opportunity to answer the question “What is the meaning of life?”, I’ve always answered “42“. And come to think of it, there’s no denying that Chris and I are anxiously awaiting the 2nd season of V.

So HAPPY SCIENCE FICTION DAY! Join us tomorrow as we celebrate Drinking Straw Day!

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