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National Bird Day

Posted by Brittany

As with any exotic species, considering owning a bird cannot be taken lightly — it requires copious amounts of education, patience, and work.  My personal experiences with birds have shown me just how unique and special these creatures can be — they are individuals capable of love and learning, just like their human counterparts.  But, as with any animal, they really only reach their full potential in their natural habitat. So maybe it’s best that wild birds remain in the wild.

Today I am in bed with the stomach flu so, other than recording these memories on our trusty iPad, Chris has really been the one to celebrate National Bird Day.  As soon as he got home from work he filled and hung the beautiful bird feeder his parents gave us for Christmas.  He picked a spot on the tree line in our backyard, an area where we often see cardinals, blue jays, and various other birds.  After a small dinner we gathered on the couch to watch an episode of the 1998 David Attenborough docuseries The Life of Birds.  Before watching the “Signals and Songs” episode, I had no idea that some birds literally crap on each other as an offensive measure.  There’s even a type of bird that grasps a stick and uses it to drum on tree trunks to communicate with its fellow kind!

National Bird Day has been a great opportunity to learn more about these beautiful, agile creatures.  They are truly amazing and, no matter what Chris says, I think even the giant turkey buzzards that fly around our property are stunning!

Grab your favorite stuffed animal and blankie: tomorrow is Cuddle Up Day!

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