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Cuddle Up Day

Posted by Brittany

Cuddle Up DayWe’ve been looking forward to this “unofficial” since the inception of our project. Cuddle Up Day is the perfect opportunity to snuggle with your favorite person, pet, stuffed animal, or any combination thereof!

To celebrate Cuddle Up Day, Chris and I started by picking up Chinese food on our way home from work. (I strongly believe that macaroni & cheese and chinese food are the two best foods to eat in bed!)  Then, while the dogs were enjoying dinner downstairs, the two of us headed upstairs to eat dinner snuggled in bed while watching Kalifornia, (…not exactly a cozy or romantic movie choice, but we were looking for something in our DVD collection that neither one of us had seen.)  When we were done eating, the dogs joined us in bed for the second half of the movie and we had an interspecies cuddle-fest.  There may have even been a stuffed animal or two thrown into the mix.  Oh, and a diaper too, since our littlest one, Zoe, is showing early symptoms of a bladder infection.

After the busy holiday season, today’s celebration was a welcome retreat from the real world.  I can sometimes feel myself getting caught up in the proverbial rat race, giving in to the demands and pressures of everyday life that always seem to convince me that they are of the ultimate importance.  Sometimes I feel like I’m running through life wearing blinders.  I forget how important it is to take time away from outside stresses — time to relax and appreciate my wonderful family.  I think cherishing this time is exactly what Cuddle Up Day is all about and my hope is to carry this sentiment forward with me through the future.

Tomorrow is National Tempura Day — Join us at 7PM at Fujiya House in Fredericksburg for the best japanese food you can imagine!

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