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National Tempura Day

Posted by Brittany

Today is National Tempura Day! We LOVE Japanese Food and our favorite restaurant is Fujiya House, a japanese steakhouse and lounge in Fredericksburg, VA. Fujiya House has been running a $7.99 Bento Box special Monday – Saturday for as long as we can remember, and we’ve been going every Saturday for lunch since March! if you finish the bento box lunch, not only will you fall in love with the food, but the portions are so generous you also won’t need to make yourself dinner! What a bargain for $7.99! Chris and I also partake in the yummy hibachi grilled entrees whenever we go for dinner, and even attended a fun sake tasting a few months ago. Plus the owners, Linda and Young, are super-friendly and have the cutest little baby you can imagine!

With its superb food, modern decor, and wonderful staff, Fujiya House feels like a second home to us. So planning our celebration for Tempura Day was a piece of cake. Chris and I met my parents for a delicious dinner of tempura bento boxes (Chris had shrimp; I had vegetable) and, as usual, wound up full and happy. I think I need an IV drip of whatever that sweet tempura sauce is — it’s so good! Now I’m just wondering how on earth we’ll have room in our tummies for our breakfast date tomorrow!?

Oh yeah — it’s snowing!!! Perfect weather for a nice warm bath, good thing tomorrow is National Bubble Bath Day!

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