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National Bubble Bath Day

Posted by Brittany

Bubble Bath DayAnd we thought Cuddle Up day was great!  Today is National Bubble Bath Day, a chance to get away from life’s hustle and bustle in order to relax.  Bubble baths became popular in the early 1900′s and, due to their favor among children and their calming effects, are still commonly enjoyed today.  Even while I was grocery shopping this morning, I inadvertently came across a whole slew of bubble bath products.  And really, why shouldn’t there be a large market for bubble baths?  Did you know that the foam on top of the water in a  bubble bath actually insulates the water, keeping it hot longer?  How awesome is that?

After crossing a few items off our endless list of chores, Chris and I headed upstairs and drew a hot bath in our big tub.  We added three different kinds of bubble bath products (there’s no such thing as too much!) and watched the bubbles grow!  After completing the mood with a few lit candles and some soft music, this was the perfect way to take a break from all of life’s stresses and forget about that to-do list once and for all.  If it weren’t for the dogs barking and puzzling over the mounds of foam, I might have been able to stay in the tub forever.

In fact, my main problem with bubble baths is that I never want to get out.  That, and I can never figure out how women on TV and in the movies make the bubbles so thick that they’re able to cover all of their naughty parts.

We hope you enjoyed National Bubble Bath Day and were able to partake in the relaxation.  I know I’m going to sleep well tonight!  Don your bomber jackets and get your hot air balloons ready…tomorrow is Aviation in America Day!

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