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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Posted by Brittany

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  This “unofficial,” which is always celebrated the second Monday in January, is an opportunity for every person who works at a desk or cubicle to organize their space in preparation for the new year of work that lies ahead.  Although you may not think of the words “holiday” and “work” or “desk” in the same sentence, the relief that accompanies a clean and organized workspace can indeed inspire a sense of serenity.

Chris got an early start on celebrating today.  He started out by filing away a whole slew of papers and job jackets.  Once everything was properly filed the wipe down began.  With everyone getting sick lately Chris decided to sanitize every surface of his work area, including his keyboard, speakers, and phone.  But wait!  This wasn’t enough!  To Chris a clean desk isn’t just your physical desk it is also the desktop on your computer.  He was able to purge all but five icons from his desktop.  As a result of his efforts throughout the day, he was able to create a beautiful and organized cubicle (if there is such a thing).  Chris’s workspace is part of a teaming environment, where all of the desks and worktops are visible to other employees, so keeping a clean appearance is even more important.

I, on the other had, was so busy that I had to squeeze in a ten minute power-clean toward the end of my day.  I’m lucky enough to have my own office but sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster — if a couple of weeks go by without a good purge it seems like my small room is overcome by a multitude of files and papers.  Unfortunately, I was not able to completely purge and organize my workspace today, but I did make notable progress by organizing my papers into piles that at least make sense.  I also collected a bunch of my “toys” (mostly scraps of paper with Chris’s doodles, an assortment of magnets, and some outdated pictures) and stored them in an empty drawer.  I was very pleased with the slightly more mature look to the space.  Now that it’s “all grown up” I’m looking forward to hanging a letter of appreciation from one of our customers, and the adorable portraits we had take of our four dogs.

So thanks to National Clean Off Your Desk Day we can breathe a little easier knowing that when we return to work tomorrow, we will be reporting to a more functional workspace.  Now we just need to repeat this process in our home offices, which are still strewn with wrapping paper and holiday magazines!

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