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National Pharmacist Day

Posted by Brittany

National Pharmacist DayToday is National Pharmacist Day, a day to honor pharmacists everywhere for their hard work as an integral part of our medical care system.  Pharmacists require years of training that includes medical chemistry, biostatistics, and study and trial analysis, among other courses.  On a more personal level, pharmacists may also help to counsel customers about drug interactions and side-effects.

As an adult I have been on several long-term prescription medications, including birth control pills, nasal sprays, and topical acne medication.  In the past year I have weened myself off of all these medications, mostly to prepare my body for the family Chris and I would like to start next year.  Unfortunately, over the holidays I found out that my blood is testing positive for the antibodies that indicate hypothyroidism, so it is likely that sometime in the next year I will need to begin a daily hormone medication required for the rest of my life.  (When the doctor asked me if I had a family history of hypothyroidism I asked  her “Does my dog count?”  Sage has been on Thyroxin for over a year and, though hypothyroidism is nothing to laugh about, my silly joke did get a little chuckle from my all-too-serious doctor.)  In spite of the antibodies in my blood, I do not need any medication just yet, so I suppose it was fortuitous that Chris’s auto-refill of his anti-seizure medication became available just in time for today’s “unofficial.”

Chris was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was about eight years old.  Although he has not suffered a seizure since the mid-nineties he has to take two pills every day.  Interestingly, his latest EEG suggests that he may have reached a point in his life where he can be weened from his medication.  This, however, would require forfeiting his driver’s license for six months, and since we live in the “suburban country” at least a twenty minute drive from any sizable stores or restaurants, that would mean a lot more driving for me.  Chris and I work together so commuting wouldn’t be a problem, but since the medication is inexpensive and I’m really a wuss about driving at night, we haven’t been in a rush to get him off his meds.

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