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National Rubber Ducky Day

Posted by Brittany

National Rubber Ducky DayMuch like the age-old chicken-and-the-egg question, no one is exactly sure when the rubber ducky came into existence.  Assuming that our little yellow friend was created not long after the onset of rubber manufacturing, his birthdate would probably be sometime in the late 1800s.  About two hundred years later, In 1970, Jim Henson’s Ernie performed the song “Rubber Duckie,” making America fall in love with our bathtime friend all over again.  These adorable little creatures are an icon in our culture, loved by toddlers and adults alike.  In fact, many charities have rubber duck races, and many variations of the yellow ducky have been popularized by toy manufacturers.

I myself am not immune to the charm of the rubber ducky.  When I bought my first house I decorated one of the bathrooms in a “Devil Ducky” theme, complete with shower curtain, bathmat, and paint to match.  I even had the shower caps.  When I moved a couple of years later I decided I had outgrown the Devil Ducky theme, but even now I still have the little guys perched on a shelf in our master bathroom.

Today we decided there was no better way to celebrate Rubber Ducky Day than to head back to the bubble bath.  All 29 of my friends (12 mini devil duckies, 1 medium devil ducky, 1 tattoo devil ducky, 2 glow-in-the-dark devil duckies, 6 large devil duckies, 1 surfer devil ducky, 1 pirate devil ducky, 1 scuba diver rubber ducky, 1 light-up rubber ducky, 1 Gorton’s fisherman rubber ducky, 1 Shakespeare rubber ducky, and 1 “invisible” devil ducky) joined us for a soak.  This bubble bath proved to be even more enjoyable than the one we had on National Bubble Bath Day — this time there were toys!  And Zoe was keeping us company, staying right next to the tub in hopes that she could chew up one of the little ducks.  She was being so agreeable she even let Chris give her an awesome foam mohawk!

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