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National Rubber Ducky Day

Posted by Brittany

So after a little relaxation and playtime, the rubber duckies are ready to return to their perch on the shelf.  They’ll probably have a nice long break, but I think they’ll need the rest…in a couple of years there might be a little person in the house — the kind that needs a little coaxing and a few extra smiling faces to be brave during bathtime.

If you want to read a truly bizarre story involving rubber duckies, check out the Wikipedia article Friendly Floatees about 29,000 toys that were washed into the ocean during a Pacific storm.  I wish I could have been there to see the aftermath!

Though he may not be yellow or squeaky, we’d like to wish a most happy birthday to my older brother, Clint!  We’d also like to thank our friend Vicky for the nice review she did about our project on her awesome blog.

Now go give Fido and Whiskers a treat…tomorrow is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

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