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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Posted by Brittany

National Dress Up Your Pet Day 1National Dress Up Your Pet Day 2Chris and I are lucky enough to have four of the sweetest, friendliest dogs that ever roamed the Earth.  Sage, Iris, Chaucer, and Zoe are like kids to us, and keeping up with four pups sometimes makes me wonder if we’ll ever even have time for an actual human baby.  Besides our wonderful canine family, we also have four handsome chinchillas.  Simon, Gordon, Marshall, and Stanley aren’t really big on cuddling, but it’s always a treat to watch therm in their dustbath or “pop-corning” off the walls in their playroom.

Every once in awhile I run into cute pictures of chinchilla’s decked out in human garb on the internet (like one in a tiny tuxedo, or another wearing a hula skirt and lei), but Chris and I figured there was no way any of our energetic little fluff-balls would submit to that kind of play, so it fell on the dogs to help us celebrate this holiday.  More specifically, we turned to Sage and Iris as our “seniors” (or “elder-btiches” as we lovingly call them), since they have become more docile in their later doggie years.  Unfortunately, Sage has an inexplicable discomfort when it comes to holidays; balloons, ornaments, or rubber gargoyles — they all seem to scare her.  So the burden fell on Iris to save the day.

In homage to Mother Nature, we dressed Iris in the appropriate cold-weather gear and snapped some perfect pictures.  She was a wonderful model and, as usual, very photogenic.  Honestly, until today I had no idea Iris was so good at following direction; she does respond to a very limited repertoire of commands, but most of the time she’s pretty aloof.  Actually, along with our family, we have often wondered if she wasn’t a little “slow.”  But no matter — tonight she might as well have been prancing down the runway on America’s Next Top Dog Model.  She looked mahvelous!

After we got some super-cute shots in her winter getup, we couldn’t resist taking a few of her in a bib we found that read “Star of Mommy’s blog”.  She certainly looked like a star today, and I’m hoping that the extra attention, treats, and cuddles made her feel like one too.

I hope you have some apples or oranges — tomorrow is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day!

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