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International Hot & Spicy Food Day

Posted by Brittany

International Hot and Spicy Food DayCompared to traditional American fare, most other countries use a lot of spices in their cuisine.  And why not?  Hot and spicy food actually has medicinal properties and has been proven to kill some bacteria.  Chris and I love spicy food.  Not only do we enjoy just about any type of Mexican food, but as you know from our post on National Tempura Day, we also love Japanese food.  And let’s face it, what’s hotter than wasabi?!

Today, to celebrate International Hot & Spicy Food Day we headed out to the brand  new Buffalo Wild Wings in Stafford, VA to meet Chris’s parents for lunch.  I’ve been to other locations in this chain a number of times (in fact, we went there to play the NTN game on National Trivia Day), and I’ve always enjoyed reviewing the clever scale they have which rates their buffalo wings by “hotness”.  Until today, I’d only been brave enough to try their “Hot” wings, which are 4th from hottest out of their 14 sauces.  Chris, on the other hand, had dined on the hottest “Blazin” wings on a number of occasions and was convinced that his sweet little wife would not be able to stomach the challenge.  So we ordered up some mozzarella sticks and a variety of wings, a third of which were “Blazin”.

I hope I made Chris proud because, in spite of our server’s warning, I really didn’t find our wings too hot.  They had a certain spiciness that lingered, making even the mozzarella sticks I ate afterward seem hotter, but not once did my lips sting or my eyes water.  Honestly, I was expecting this to be much more traumatic than it was, and had preemptively  armed myself with extra napkins and water, only to find them unnecessary.

In summary, we were able to enjoy a lovely lunch with Chris’s parents and a little football, free from tears and indigestion.  Now that I’ve conquered the “Blazin” wings I’m wondering why I was too afraid to try them before.  This project is starting to make me feel unstoppable.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be skydiving and mountain climbing before the end of 2011.

Join us tomorrow for National Hot Buttered Rum Day.

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