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Squirrel Appreciation Day

Posted by Brittany

Squirrel Appreciation DayWhen I bought my house in 2004, the three plus acres it was situated on were teaming with wildlife.  I’ve encountered more spiders than I’d ever want to see, a multitude of rabbits, several kinds of frogs, deer, chipmunks, and even a large turkey buzzard right outside my front door.  Over the years the constant scent of four large canines has caused some of these animals to retreat further into the woods, but I still consider myself very lucky to be in the middle of so much life.  Though I have often caught myself saying that I dislike nature, this really says more about my fear of camping than anything else — in reality I love animals and living in a place where I am surrounded by them (inside the house, and out) brings me a lot of joy.

And In case our four chinchillas don’t make it obvious, Chris and I really like rodents.  Lets face it — most mammals are pretty adorable, and the smaller and furrier they are, the cuter they get.  I have been a pet parent to mice, guinea pigs, and now chinchillas, and Chris has played daddy to hamsters and a rat.  With socialization many of these animals can become quite friendly.  Even wild rodents can become tame over time — when I was a teenager my dad and one of the family dogs befriended a wild squirrel that would come to visit every day, prompted by the peanuts my dad would leave for him.

When we celebrated National Bird Day earlier this month I was a little skeptical about whether or not the birds would actually get to enjoy any of the food we set out before the squirrels got to it.  Fortunately for our winged friends, the birdfeeder Chris’s parents gave us appears to be squirrel-proof.  So in celebration of Squirrel Appreciation Day we set out to create a special treat just for our fuzzy-tailed friends.  Using instructions Chris found online, we covered several pinecones in peanut butter, and then rolled them in birdseed.  After adding a few peanuts too, we hung them from a few choice branches in our backyard.  Maybe by tomorrow afternoon we’ll be able to see if our offering was well-received.

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