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Squirrel Appreciation Day

Posted by Brittany

During dinner Chris and I also watched the fourth episode of the David Attenborough series The Life of Mammals, entitled “Chisselers“,, which gave a brief overview of several rodents across the world.  Coincidentally, the squirrels that were documented were from our home state, Virginia!  It was fascinating to learn that our local squirrels differentiate between the white oak acorns that should be eaten immediately before they have a chance to germinate, and the later-germinating red oak acorns which can be stored through the winter season.  And since squirrels are color-blind they tell the difference with their scent only!

Wish these little guys well while they hibernate the winter away.  Tomorrow Chris and I will be fattening ourselves for the cold months to follow too — it’s National Blonde Brownie Day!

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