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National Blonde Brownie Day

Posted by Brittany

National Blonde Brownie DayToday was a day packed with celebration and good food. This morning my mom and I made the 1.5 hour trek to Richmond to attend my college roommate Valerie’s baby shower. It was great to see old friends, coo over so many cute baby accoutrements, and, of course, enjoy an array of delicious snacks. Someone even brought a Chick-Fil-A party tray! It was hard to make sure I left room in my belly to participate in National Blonde Brownie Day. Unlike Val, I don’t have any excuse for getting bigger.

The first time I had a Blonde Brownie, or a “Blondie”, was at the Ruby Tuesday’s in Potomac Mills Mall. That was in the early eighties, when Northern Virginia wasn’t nearly as built-up, and the shopping mecca was brand new. Various family members would come to visit on a regular basis, and the preferred activities always included a little shopping and lunch. Often we would dine at the Ruby Tuesday in the mall, back when Ikea was next door to the restaurant. After a good meal of soup or chicken fingers, and a Blondie split two or three ways, sometimes we’d end up the the kids “ball-room” at Ikea while our mother’s shopped.

Although I have sweet childhood memories of Ruby Tuesday’s sweet dessert, these days I prefer the blond brownie at Applebees. Instead of returning directly home after the baby shower, my dad met Chris, my mom, and I at the local Applebees for dinner and a Blondie dessert. The gooey-cookie-brownie covered with ice cream has always been one of my favorites, but a little bit can go a long way and it wasn’t long before I was stuffed. Maybe that’s the good thing about wonderful desserts like Blondies — they’re so rich that you can only eat so much before you have to stop. It’s the same thing I say about chocolate-covered liquor candies: there’s no way I could ever get drunk from them because I’d end up throwing up first.

Chris and I will be repenting at the gym tomorrow. And after that we’ll be breaking out the pens and pencils (what are those) to celebrate National Handwriting Day.

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