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National Macintosh Computer Day

Posted by Chris

I was in and out of the Apple Store at Pentagon City Mall in no more than two minutes thanks to the iPod Touch’s that are used as cash registers.  How cool is it that they are able to ring you up literally anywhere in the store?  Anyway, currently I am in the process of backing everything up on Britt’s iMac and will be beginning the install of Snow Leopard as soon as everything is done copying to my external hard drive.  Hopefully if everything goes well Brittany will have a new OS in an hour or so.

The Mac has changed tremendously since it’s initial release in 1984.  I am anxious to see what Brittany thinks about the changes from Tiger to Snow Leopard.  Hopefully she will like the update because tomorrow is Spouse’s Day and I wouldn’t want to disappoint her on a day devoted to spending time with your significant other!

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