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Pop Art Day

Posted by Brittany

Pop Art Day 2
Pop Art DayPop Art Day is celebrated annually on the anniversary of Jackson Pollock‘s birth.  When Chris and I first decided to celebrate this day we were a little confused –
Jackson Pollock’s works are classified as abstract expressionism, very different from the pop art of artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.  But after further research we discovered that he was highly regarded among his contemporaries, serving as the “model of a painter who had successfully fused art and life.” Pollock was a strong influence on future movements, and his work is considered  fundamental in laying the groundwork for the creation of the Pop Art and Op Art movements.

Like many others, I have mixed feelings about abstract art.  Though it may evoke an emotion or feeling in me, I think I’m one of those people that can’t help but wonder, “what does it mean?”  But tonight, as we commemorated Pop Art Day by watching the movie Pollock, I started to realize that this type of art is less about meaning, and more about experience.  So I think as long as it does evoke a reaction or feeling, it has accomplished what it was meant to do.  Of course, after a long work week, these realizations were made between involuntary episodes of nodding off.  The movie was well done, and I’m a big fan of Ed Harris (especially after seeing him in Copying Beethoven), but I found it difficult to stay awake through the critically acclaimed movie.  Now, as I’m writing this post, we have something a little more upbeat streaming from our Netflix — Comic Book Confidential.  This documentary, which chronicles the comic book’s rise to pop art status, has interviews with interesting artists like Robert Crumb and Frank Miller, so it’s holding my attention in spite of my heavy eyelids.

But really, what better way is there to celebrate Pop Art Day than by creating some pop art!  Chris has been using his own artistic skills to play with some our photos and create some pretty cool works of art.  If he’s not careful they might just end up in one of our empty picture frames and grace our upstairs hallway.

Dig out your Rubik’s Cube — tomorrow is National Puzzle Day!

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