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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Posted by Chris

Bubble Wrap Appreciation DayBrittany is laid up with a fever this evening so I made sure to put in extra effort to celebrate today’s “unofficial”, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Bubble Wrap, originally Air Cap, was introduced to the world in 1960 when it was used in the packaging of IBM Computers. It’s popularity continues today, and the oh-so-pop-able material even has somewhat of a cult following — with events such as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and Bubble Wrap Fan Sites (ie. Virtual Bubblewrap), it’s obvious that this invention is irresistible.

So today on our way home from work we made a quick stop by Wal-mart to buy a large package of Bubble Wrap. Brittany and I try to keep a supply of it on hand for use when packing things up during the holiday season, but were all out after the 2010 festivities. Not long after returning home Brittany helped me out as much as she could, to fashion a Bubble Wrap wife-beater. Brittany’s fever must have gotten to her at this point because she commented on how handsome I was in my newly acquired piece of clothing. She even talked me talked me into rolling on the floor in an attempt to pop some of the bubbles. Let me tell you this stuff is indestructible! I was only able to pop one bubble! After I ‘disrobed’ I enjoyed popping the remaining bubbles; Brittany was even able to pop a few on her own.

I’ve heard stories where women make gowns out of Bubble Wrap at bridal showers, I even saw a few wedding dresses in doing my research for today, but Brittany and I had fun creating our own hillbilly style Bubble Wrap attire. The only thing that came as close was the Virtual Bubblewrap game mentioned above. We came across this game last week over lunch and kept competing for the best time. It sure made our hour lunch feel like it was much shorter.

Hopefully tomorrow things turn out to be much better for Brittany and she can enjoy her dessert during Baked Alaska Day. I know I sure will!

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