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National Baked Alaska Day

Posted by Brittany

National Baked Alaska DayChris and I were married on September 12, 2009. A week later we embarked on our honeymoon, a 7-Night Disney Cruise of the Western Caribbean. The trip was incredibly easy to plan (I think it helps that I’ve been a Disney Vacation Club member since 2000), and the perfect compromise between Chris’s desire to honeymoon out of the country, and my fear of flying. Apart from all of the great things we got to do and see, we also enjoyed the most amazing food! And I’ll never forget our last dinner on board, and the dessert we gave rave reviews — the Baked Alaska!

A Baked Alaska is basically a sweet dessert that consists of a cake base, topped with ice cream, covered in meringue, and then heated in the oven. The meringue acts as an insulator for the ice cream so if it’s done right your culinary masterpiece won’t melt. Variations on this dish have been around for a long time, but American’s named it the Baked Alaska in 1876 in honor of the newly acquired Alaskan territories. While Chris and I were researching recipes we found many different variations. Some methods were extremely complex with a long list of ingredients and up to 24 hours of preparation and freezing time! Given our busy schedules, and the fact that we aren’t exactly dessert connoisseurs (really, we like anything sweet), we opted for an easy Baked Alaska recipe that only required an hour of freezing time, and allowed for use of a pre-made pound cake.

Poor Chris! I’m still sick (in fact, I stayed home from work today and didn’t even get off the couch), so he was forced to make the dessert by himself tonight, while I hoarsely barked cooking instructions from the couch. Luckily, we really did choose the easiest recipe and we’d picked up all the ingredients during a previous shopping trip, so I don’t think the preparation was too hard for him. The flu has put my appetite on hold, but the few bites I had were delicious! And it looked like Chris really enjoyed the fruit of his efforts — he ate a huge serving! I admit that I was quite intimidated by the complicated recipes we found during our initial search, but the one we finally decided on was so easy I can see us making it again. Maybe next time we’ll even try a more adventurous ice cream flavor (we used vanilla for this first attempt). As for the gourmet flambĂ© style Baked Alaska, perhaps we will encounter it again when we go on our next Disney Cruise this fall.

Is spring on its way or will we get 6 more weeks of winter? Find out tomorrow, on Groundhog Day!

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