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Groundhog Day

Posted by Brittany

He was so cute and gave the crowd exactly what the majority of us wanted — with a prediction for an early spring, the multitude of green-paper holders were thoroughly pleased! After some treats and a lot of camera clicking the groundhog was returned to his comfy quarters for awhile, while the news crew took a break before doing another take for the evening news.

During the interim Judy Triska was kind enough to find us and give us a chance to speak with Mr. Mathews, Jr., which was a real treat. He explained that the Virginia Living Museum takes in about 12-15 injured or orphaned animals each year, and that, while some of the other prognosticators for today’s “unofficial” may have cool names like Punxsutawney Phil or Sir Walter Wally, the museum doesn’t name any of their animals because they don’t want to encourage people to view them as pets. Part of the museum’s mission statement is to “encourage a commitment to protection and conservation of our natural world”, and allowing wild animals to play out their lives in the wild is part of that vision. Chris and I have a lot of respect for that belief and being part of an event run by such a people-friendly/animal-friendly/nature-friendly crew made the experience even more enjoyable.

Although my aching body is now telling me I could probably have used another day of bed rest, the four of us had a great time today. Last year we were all lucky enough to attend a beautiful and unique wedding and reception at the Virginia Living Museum and we were in awe of the enchanting wildlife and exhibits. This is definitely one Virginia museum that every family should attend — even if, like Chris and me, yours is a family without kids. We’re looking forward to going back for another visit, when I’m feeling more myself and we have a whole day to explore. And though we’d still like to make the trip to Gobbler’s Knob at some point in the future, I think we’ve found a place much closer to home to celebrate this whimsical tradition.

Check out some of the pictures we took today on our Flickr page!

Happy Birthday Aunt Gwennie! Do you like carrot cake? Tomorrow is National Carrot Cake Day!

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