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Posted by Brittany

By the time I graduated from high school math was by far my favorite subject.  I had a lot of fun in English, music, and art too — it was science that always seemed to leave me struggling.  I understood biology pretty well, especially anything to do with animals and basic anatomy.  I even did alright with the fundamentals of physics.  But once we had to study anything beyond the basics, or anything to do with chemistry or cellular biology the coursework started to sound like an entirely different language to me.  I always got A’s but I had to work for them a lot harder in my science classes.  Looking back it’s kind of funny because I think, given a second chance almost 15 years later, I’d probably be just as geared toward science now as I was toward math then.  After all, I did receive my B.S. in Audiology, and the year I spent in graduate school pushed me farther into the sciences than I’d ever explored.

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