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National Weather Person’s Day

Posted by Brittany

Vic's Science Fair ProjectSome of the awards I can remember were from the American Meteorological Society, the Washington Junior Academy of Sciences, USDA, Army Aviation Association and Randolph-Macon College, where I was invited to enter their science fair. All this time I was compiling observations, filling notebook upon notebook. I decided to pursue a college degree in Meteorology, but abandoned the idea after realizing I didn’t have the aptitude to meet the requirements in engineering and foreign languages. My interest never waned, but over the years my record keeping became sporadic. Since moving to Stafford, I have once again started observations and have daily data from January 2005 to the present.

My instruments are simple and cost only around $200. There are 6 wireless sensors around the yard that report temperature and humidity. A wireless anemometer and rain gauge report wind speed and direction and precipitation. Information is stored continuously on my desktop monitors, so I know the high and low temperatures, highest wind speed, hourly rainfall, etc. I record information hourly as often as possible, and still fill notebooks, and now, Excel spreadsheets.

You may ask, “What’s the point of collecting data from the past?” Just as the National Weather Service uses past data to help forecast trends and develop pinpoint forecasts, I use my data to help forecast weather here at our home. I always have a 10-day forecast on my wall calendar, and find it very useful for activity planning. As I now maintain 15 acres of land (grass cutting, cleanup, snow plowing), I need to plan outdoor workdays, almost like a farmer.

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