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National Bagels & Lox Day

Posted by Brittany

National Bagels And Lox DayLox, a thinly sliced cured salmon fillet, is usually paired with a bagel with cream cheese and capers.  The idea of National Bagels & Lox Day took some getting used to because Chris and I do not eat raw or undercooked food.  As much as I like sushi, I never actually eat raw fish, opting instead for avocado or cucumber rolls.  If I recall correctly, I wasn’t  even brave enough to try the swedish gravad lax given to all Ikea employees on “culture day” when I worked there years ago.  Once in awhile I might be exposed to a little raw egg courtesy of delicious cookie dough, but Chris is too cautious for even this luxury.  A few months before we started dating he landed himself in the emergency room with salmonella poisoning (a rare and usually fatal strand!) so he is particularly careful about what he ingests.  Our queasiness regarding raw foods has caused us to approach today’s “unnoficial” with feelings of both curiosity and dread.

This evening we had to drop two of our canine-kids, Chaucer and Sage, off at the vet to stay overnight for a dental cleaning in the morning.  Knowing we had this chore ahead of us, and that I would be in no mood for celebrating once the nest was half empty, we decided to seek out a bagel with lox during our lunch hour.  Luckily, we found an Einstein Bros. Bagels about ten minutes from our office.  We were both so sure we would only be able to stomach a few bites of the Lox, that we ordered two complete meals in addition to the Nova Lox Bagel.  When all our food was finally laid out on the table we both just looked at the slimy salmon.  Eventually I halved the smallest bagel half and Chris and I both took a bite.  Our eyes locked and, after some chewing, we both admitted that the bagel wasn’t bad at all.

Not only did the Nova Lox not taste bad, but it didn’t smell fishy either.  It was really heavy on the cream cheese and capers, which we decided might have helped to neutralize some of the salmon taste.  I ended up only eating that original quarter bagel, but Chris was able to finish off the rest of it in addition to the other meal he purchased.  But here’s the biggest difference between the two of us:  while he said he’d gladly order this bagel again, you won’t catch me eating a bagel with lox in the future.  Even though it didn’t taste bad, something about the look and texture — the rawness of it — has stuck with me and I’ve spent most of the day regretting my lunch.  Oh well, that’s what this project is all about — trying new things and celebrating every day!

Don’t forget to check the forecast — tomorrow is Umbrella Day!

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