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Umbrella Day

Posted by Chris

Umbrella DayUmbrellas are sort of an afterthought for Brittany and me. Our cars are always in the garage, we wear hoodies a lot, and 99% of the time are able to park close to the entrance at work. Come to think of it, umbrellas tend to be more of a decoration than a functional item in our household (we used to have a vintage umbrella obscuring a light fixture on the ceiling of our living room). So today was another good day for us, we were able to appreciate something that we normally wouldn’t think twice about.

Brittany is still getting over her cold but was nice enough to do some research for me and even found a song called Umbrella Day by Smokie. The word umbrella comes from the latin word umbra, which means shade or shadow. Umbrellas were first used over four thousand years ago. Although the first written records of collapsable umbrellas as we know them today weren’t until 21 A.D. Over the years umbrellas have come in many different shapes, styles, and colors. A parasol is similar to the umbrella except instead of protecting you from rain it’s sole purpose is to protect from the sun. Umbrellas have even proven to be useful in photography to help reflect or diffuse light.

I had to go straight to the vet after work to pick up Sage and Chaucer (everything is fine by the way) so by the time I made it back to the house it was a little too dark outside to take pictures so we had to make the decision to celebrate inside. I’m really hoping that the old myth about opening an umbrella inside being bad luck is just that. We fished our old umbrella out of the coat closet in preparation for the upcoming spring that Punxsutawney Phil said was coming early. It is a little beaten up though so Brittany and I figured it may be time to upgrade. After scoping out a few websites and seeing how many really cool umbrellas there are out there Brittany finally settled on a new one, a Frankford Clear Bubble Umbrella with a Blue Stripe from Amazon.

The one thing I have never really understood is why people carry umbrellas around in thunderstorms. This may be a stupid question but how is carrying a metal stick with some fabric on it to protect you from the rain in a thunderstorm much different from a lightning rod? It’s a good thing Umbrella Day is today because tomorrow is Be Electrific Day.

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