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Madly In Love With Me Day

Posted by Brittany

Considering the five gates has given me a lot to think about. Despite short-lived anxieties, I have really come to appreciate my body over the past couple of years. And, especially after going through a painful divorce four years ago, I have tried to surround myself with only healthy relationships. I’m slowly working on the life-long goals of getting to know myself, and being kind to myself, but I think this year I’ll put particular focus on the gate that suggests living a self-sustainable life, free of any guilt for taking care of yourself. Working full-time, caring for a husband and eight pets, and cleaning a three-story house sometimes leaves me in a frenzy. Even when I’m trying to wind down for bed or taking a little time to read a good book, I start to feel a little guilty, thinking I should be doing something else instead. From now on I’m going to fight off those feelings with affirmations that I deserve ME time, and by creating goals that are realistic for cultivating a happy life. A life full of all kinds of love, including love for myself.

While you’re celebrating with your valentine tomorrow, stop and look at your driver’s license organ donor status — February 14th is National Donor Day.

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