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National Almond Day

Posted by Brittany

The layered slices were delicious, and I almost started to feel guilty about indulging in the sweet, sweet goodness of the meal until I remembered that almonds are a heart-healthy nut and studies have even suggested that they can help us maintain healthy cholesterol levels! It sounds like it might be a good idea for us to plan another trip to IKEA in the near future, or at least grab an Almond Joy next time we’re at the grocery store.

Since we were just across the street from Potomac Mills Mall we decided to head there in search of almond bubble tea. Although our quest for the tea was fruitless, we did find a Yogen Fruz. I wish we’d thought about going to Potomac Mills on National Frozen Yogurt Day — Yoguen Fruz had many more choices than the one flavor offered by Baskin Robbins! We chatted for a minute or two with the friendly and knowledgeable fro-yo master behind the counter, as he served Chris up a Chocolate Almond frozen yogurt with almond slices. I’d had enough almonds for the day and chose a banana smoothie instead, but I did have a bite and I can confirm that this was a thousand times better than our previous frozen yogurt experience. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that we never tracked down the bubble tea, as it gave us the opportunity to change our mind about frozen yogurt in general.

How did you celebrate National Almond Day? And are you ready for another “edible unofficial”? Tomorrow is National Cafe Au Lait Day!

On a side note, happy birthday to my oldest dog-baby, Sage! I adopted her from PAL on February 16, 2002, and it was estimated that she was about a year old. That makes her ten, or seventy in dog years. She’s such a good girl, and still going strong, so my birthday wish for Sage is that she has many more good years to spend with me, her people-daddy, and the rest of our pack. XOXO.

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