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National Chocolate Mint Day

Posted by Brittany

Chocolate Mint DayWhen I think about chocolate mints two things immediately come to mind.  The first is eating at Olive Garden.  I don’t make it there very often, but one of my favorite meals is the unlimited soup and breadsticks followed by a tiramisu and, of course, the chocolate mints you get at the end of every meal.  After eating only a half of  a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, all of this is sounding really good right now.  The second thing that comes to mind is going on vacation.  One of my favorite parts of staying in a nice hotel is coming back from a long day of taking it easy to find that the bed has been made, complete with chocolate mints on the pillow.  They only thing that tops that is coming back to your cabin every night on a Disney Cruise  – when we went on our honeymoon not only did we have chocolate mints, but a creative towel-animal every night too!

In preparation for National Chocolate Mint Day Chris and I stopped by the grocery store last night to pick up some chocolate mints.  We almost went with the standard Andes mints, which are actually mint-flavored chocolate, but ended up with After Eight dark chocolate thin mints instead.  The cute little green box looked so fancy and anything that says “thin mint” will always catch my eye.  Then, earlier this afternoon we ran a top-secret mission in honor of this “unofficial.”  I can’t reveal the details now, but I’ll add a comment tomorrow to explain.  Once the deed was done we returned home for our own planned celebration.

This might sound a little funny, but we decided to celebrate today’s “unofficial” by cleaning.  I’m just now starting to feel like I’m getting back to myself after the flu I contracted almost three weeks ago, and being out of commission so long has resulted in a semi-disastrous looking house.  All of our thoughts about those vacation pillow-top mints inspired us to give the master bedroom a much needed deep-cleaning and make up our bed (a chore we, unfortunately, rarely complete).  Once everything was dusted, vacuumed, and straightened up, we placed an After Eight mint on each pillow, and closed the door on our way out (something you have to think about when you have four dogs!).  We’re downstairs relaxing and watching a movie now, but it’s nice to think that we’ll have this little treat to look forward to when we get around to going to bed tonight.

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