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National Sticky Bun Day

Posted by Chris

National Sticky Bun DaySome of my earliest memories consist of time spent in the kitchen baking sand tarts with my father during the Christmas season. I don’t know if it is something my father will openly admit to, but he sure knows how to bake! He has a good excuse too — my grandmother is an amazing cook and his Uncle Charlie had a bakery in Pennsylvania. I never got the chance to try anything Uncle Charlie baked but I sure have heard plenty of stories. There are three things that people would always mention when speaking of Uncle Charlie; cookies, sand tarts, and STICKY BUNS. Apparently whenever Uncle Charlie would come down from Pennsylvania to visit he would bring one of these treats for everyone to snack on.

Sticky buns, which are believed to be German in origin, have a history that puzzles many food historians. Also known as a “honey bun”, sticky buns are a yeast pastry topped with melted brown sugar or honey, cinnamon, raisons, and in our case pecans.

Originally to celebrate this sugar filled holiday Brittany and I planned to find a place on our lunch break that served sticky buns. Before heading out we did what most people would have done, headed on over to Google and did a search for “sticky buns”. The results said there was a place close to work called Donut Connection which served our desired dessert. We hopped in the car only to find that the Donut Connection was out of business an is now a Hunan Manor. We drove around for a little while looking for a bakery or some other sort of dessert place but had no success. Being short on time we stopped by Arby’s and picked up some food for lunch. Our new plan was to check out Best Buns Bread Company after work. I’ll give you one guess as to what happens next. Best Buns didn’t have anymore sticky buns. I did a little more research and found a bakery a few miles down the road called Alexandria Pastry Shop. This place looked promising! I asked the lady behind the counter, “Do you have any sticky buns?” She replied, “We ran out this morning, but you can call in the morning tomorrow and we can set some aside for you.” I then realized I probably wasn’t going to find anywhere that had sticky buns.

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