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International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Posted by Brittany

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation DayMy family got our first dog when I was five years old. Sam was an adorable Lhasa Apso brimming with affection and capable of non-stop tail-wagging. For me it was love at first sight, and with the exception of my first few months out on my own, I’ve been a dog owner ever since. I adopted Sage, the “I can never get enough love” lab mix over nine years ago; Iris, the aloof trouble-making hound-of-some-sort joined the family about a year later; when I started dating Chris he was already proud people-daddy to Chaucer, a fun and energetic Boxer; and together, we adopted Zoe, a gentle pit-mix. These four canines have brought such joy to our lives, and I can’t think of very many things I’d rather do than cuddling with my husband and dog-babies on the couch while watching a good movie.

Our canine companions do so much for us. Some dogs use their fine hunting skills to put food on their family’s tables. Others use their training to aid owners with special needs. Some dogs are heroes, working with the police, bomb squads, and search and rescue outfits. Their contributions to our society are almost limitless. For me, my dogs are a source of unconditional love, a purposeful reason for leaving the office at a reasonable hour, and proof that I can be responsible for another life…or four. They give me and Chris, a couple without any human babies, a family that’s bigger than just ourselves. We appreciate their individuality and their love. And while we prefer to reward them with hugs and cuddles, sometimes a good treat puts a smile on their little snouts.

Today we wanted to show our appreciation to the dog biscuit, since it helps us show our appreciation to our beloved pets. Rather than give the pups a pre-made store-bought treat, we decided to make some dog biscuits from scratch. We used a recipe for Peanut Butter Treats from fellow Fredericksburg blogger Tricia’s Saving Room for Dessert. The recipe was simple and easy to follow, complete with beautiful pictures (including super-cute pups, Mocha and Abby!). I love baking, but it had been awhile since I’d kneaded or rolled out any sort of dough and I hadn’t realized how much my arm muscles had atrophied since my days of going to the gym religiously. After re-aquatinting myself with the my rolling pin, and getting a work-out in the process, I had a tray of treats to pop in the oven. Twenty minutes later they were complete, and the pack gathered around as I removed them from the oven. I’m pretty sure they knew I was up to something just for them!

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