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National Chili Day

Posted by Chris

National Chili DaySo, today is National Chili Day. Who doesn’t love a hot bowl of chili? Growing up chili wasn’t really a dish that I cared too much for. It did, however seem that the older I got the more I was able to enjoy it. While on summer break in college I discovered Hard Times Cafe. My mother and I decided to meet up one day for lunch and see what Hard Times was all about. Being our first time we ordered the chili sampler and I think a couple burgers. If I remember correctly my chili of choice was the Texas Chili while my parental unit preferred the Cincinnati Chili.

While doing research for today’s tasty holiday Brittany and I came across tons of recipes. Each one we looked at was different enough from the others to be unique. I was amazed at how many different types of chili there are. Chili is such a big deal that after today I can completely understand why chili cookoffs are so important to many people.

We chose to celebrate today by doing the obvious, making homemade chili. We found a recipe on Martha Stewart’s website for 30-Minute Chili. While it is much quicker to make than most chili recipes, it’s name is a bit misleading. I spent about 20 minutes cutting up the onions and garlic. Another 30 minutes was spent combining the ingredients and then finally about 15 minutes later our dinner was ready. For the little amount of time it takes to make the end result is extremely delicious. The recipe yeilds about eight servings of chili so we will definitely be having leftovers. We even found a recipe for hashbrowns that requires chili and are looking forward to trying it out.

Tomorrow we take aim at a different target, tomorrow is Pistol Patent Day.

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