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Open That Bottle Night

Posted by Brittany

Open That Bottle NightI’ve mentioned in previous posts that Chris and I are not really big drinkers.  I’ll admit that I love cooking with alcohol (we make the best hard cider slow cooked chuck roast), but other than special occasions or the rare add-on to a restaurant meal, that’s about the only time we imbibe.  We’ve bought bottles of wine with intentions of drinking them with a good meal, and even champagne so we could mix up some Mimosas, but for the most part the bottles sit in our cabinet, waiting until our next party.  Open That Bottle Night is celebrated worldwide, and encourages everyone to open that bottle of wine or champagne you’ve been hanging onto for a special event — make tonight that special evening and just enjoy the vino the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

One particular bottle of wine has been sitting in our kitchen for over a year now.  I bought it around Christmas 2009, knowing it was a wine one of my friends and her husband enjoy, but sometimes had difficulty finding.  Luckily for me, they always keep it in stock at the local Wegmans.  I don’t get to see this friend very often, and by the time we got toghether the following summer she had just found out she was pregnant.  Her baby is actually due in about a week, but with breast-feedings in her future, Chris and I decided that we would just enjoy the bottle of Virginia’s Harvest Blakberry fruit wine on her behalf.  Sorry Val — I’ll make it up to you later!

If you could see us now it would be very obvious that we are not experienced wine drinkers.  Chris has always enjoyed wine, but neither of us is really educated about it…other than what I learned from the movie Sideways anyway.  In fact, after we found the bottle of wine in the back of our cabinet, I started looking for wine glasses only to discover that we don’t have any.  The best I could provide was glass water goblets.  We also weren’t entirely sure what to pair our wine with, so Chris prepared a plate of saltines and slices of Cracker Barrel sharp white cheddar cheese.  I’m sure this is borderline sacrilegious for some of our readers.

Overall, we are really enjoying this fruity wine.  It doesn’t seem as strong as some I’ve had in the past, and seems almost like a strong grape juice instead of an alcoholic beverage.  still, I’m not sure how much I will personally be able to contribute toward emptying this bottle — I think Chris will have to do most of the hard work by himself!  One thing I’ll say about the occasional glass of wine, especially for a non-drinker with absolutely no tolerance: it really can help you relax!  And I think I already have to go break the seal…

Tomorrow we’re off to the zoo for International Polar Bear Day!

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