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International Polar Bear Day

Posted by Brittany

When we finally made it to the Maryland Zoo with just about an hour left before closing, we made a B-line for the polar bear exhibit. It usually houses one adult male and two adult females named Magnet, Alaska, and Anoki, but we could only see one male and one female. The male seemed very restless and was pacing, while the female spent most of the time we were there on the other side of the enclosure, scratching her head on the rocks and pawing at her face. A sign at the entrance of the exhibit warned us that it was mating season and we might witness some “natural behavior” — maybe the missing female was out for an early pregnancy test and that’s why “Papa Bear” was pacing! Either way, even after our snafu with our poor planning and failed attempt at the National Zoo, it was impossible not to smile while watching these magnificent beasts.

So the day was not necessarily what I had planned: a leisurely stroll through the zoo, walking hand-in-hand. Instead it was hectic, rushed, and a reminder that sometimes my Type-A personality fails me. But we did still manage to see some of the other animals (including penguins!) in Baltimore and Chris and I had a good time in spite of everything. We somehow always manage to laugh at our mistakes — if not right away, at least eventually. And we did get to see our polar friends, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Start wiggling those loose teeth…tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day!

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