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National Surf and Turf Day

Posted by Brittany

National Surf and Turf DayA few weeks ago, I — aglow with the radiant bliss of calm and relaxation that had settled over me after the completion of our 2011/365 project — was discussing the retired Year of Living Unofficially with a fellow co-worker.  Said co-worker stopped me in my tracks when he had (and I hate to admit this) what can only be described as a brilliant idea: since 2011 didn’t give us the chance to celebrate February 29th, perhaps Chris and I should find an “unofficial” to conquer on 2012′s Leap Day.  And so it was; we decided to kiss retirement goodbye for this one special day, and to revive our unofficial ways.

Admittedly, we expected that Leap Day would be home to all sorts of strange and weird celebrations.  But after a little research we determined that the most agreeable “unofficial” to fall on February 29th is National Surf and Turf Day.  It wasn’t exactly the type of exciting celebration we were hoping to find for this uncommon day, but hey, at least Surf N Turf Day gives meat-loving Americans an excuse for a decadent dinner!

The term was “surf and turf” was first used in 1966, though the SkyCity restaurant in Seattle’s Space Needle claims to have used the name since the 1962 World’s Fair. Surf and turf refers to an assortment of dishes that combine seafood and meat.  Common examples include combos of sirloin and lobster, or beef steak and shrimp. Popular in pubs and steakhouses alike, it is the epitome of extravagance, often joining the most expensive foods on the menu.  So perhaps it is not such an awful coincidence that National Surf and Turf Day only shows up to empty our wallets once every four years.

To celebrate this leap day’s “unofficial” Chris and I had dinner at Red Lobster. Unfortunately, Chris had to work late so we were a bit tired during the feast, but as we whipped out the camera to take a picture for tonight’s post it brought back a flood of memories.  We enjoyed a lot of outings, a lot of dinners, and a lot of new experiences together in 2011.  So — just as National Champagne Day was the perfect way to celebrate our triumph on New Year’s Eve — National Surf and Turf Day was a great chance to enjoy an extravagant meal in celebration of everything we achieved last year.  And though I dined mostly on mozzarella sticks (with an obligatory nibble of our friends from land and sea), Chris embraced today’s “unofficial” with a hearty appetite that ultimately emptied a generous plate of lobster and steak.

And now, back into retirement we go — back to our regular lives, unofficial or otherwise!

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