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International Scrapbooking Industry Day

Posted by Brittany

Today is the fifth annual International Scrapbooking Industry Day, a day to commemorate the scrapbooking industry and celebrate the people who have helped make it the giant that it is today. Chris and I decided to celebrate this “unofficial” by offering up some of our hard-earned cash to the industry. We’ve been married almost a year and a half and, apart from the iPhoto books we made for our parents and grandparents after the wedding, we still haven’t done much with our wedding photos and keepsakes. A few days ago when I started cleaning out my home office I came across a box that contained some of the extra wedding invitations we had left over, and a cute little blue fabric flower the florist had hand-made and worked into my hydrangea bouquet (our main color was an aqua-ish color that’s almost impossible to find in the flower world, so she made the embellishment to coordinate with our color theme). We still haven’t had a wedding portrait printed and framed yet, but we’ve been wanting something wedding-related to hang in our hallway, so we decided we would make a scrapbook layout for a shadowbox frame using one of our invitations, a single black and white photo, and the fabric flower.

Chris and I went to our local Michaels to find our shadowbox frame and scrapbook paper that was a close match to our wedding’s color scheme. When we did a rough layout in the store, we found we had a little room left on the page so we found a set of wedding-themed stamps. It took about an hour for us to come up with a layout we both like, but I think the final result will be well worth it. We didn’t complete our project tonight (we still need to pick a photo — the black and white picture serving as a “placeholder” in our layout is from my unforgettable bachelorette party!), but hopefully we’ll have it done before National Scrapbook Day in May! I look forward to putting the finishing touches on our project, and who knows — when we’re done maybe it will be time for us to start a “Year of Living” scrapbook.

Get ready for an orange mouth-stache — tomorrow is National Cheese Doodle Day!

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