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Oreo Cookies Day

Posted by Brittany

Oreo Cookies DayThe Oreo cookie was introduced by Nabisco ninety-nine years ago today. Surprisingly, the chocolate and cream cookie has changed very little during it’s long lifetime, with only a slight variation in the design printed on the chocolate wafers. Though there are several plausible theories, nobody is quite sure how the classic snack got it’s name. But whether this mystery is solved or not, the Oreo cookie was still the best selling cookie of the 20th century, with over 362 billion sold since March 6, 1912.

When I was growing up we always had a pantry full of life’s necessities — fig newtons, potato chips, and Oreo cookies. This was in the eighties and early nineties, before there was a real focus on organic and healthy eating, but somehow my family always stayed in pretty good shape. Maybe that’s because this was also the era when kids still played outside, and childhood obesity wasn’t the problem it is today. Or perhaps I’m not giving myself enough credit — one lesson I learned from my parents and still practice today is that just about anything is okay in moderation. And Oreo cookies are certainly a snack that must be enjoyed in moderation — if not, you’ll end up with a sugar high that will send you reeling. My memories of indulging in these sinful cookie treats bring a smile to my face; I can only imagine how serious, yet silly, the child version of myself must have looked as I carefully twisted the cookies apart. My goal was always to end up with one half that retained all of the creamy filling, while keeping the other half clean. I would quickly eat the inferior creamless half before scraping the real prize — the cream filling — off the remaining half with my teeth. It was a process, but one well worth the effort.

To celebrate this sweet day Chris and I enjoyed Oreo cookies in various forms. Earlier in the day Chris snacked on several cookies that, thankfully, we burned off with a little time in front of our Xbox Kinect. Later, after we finished off the last of the casserole from National Cheese Doodle Day, Chris concocted a dessert made up of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream topped with Oreo cookies. We also split a giant Klondike Oreo we grabbed during our last shopping trip. The mixture of cookies and ice cream of any kind has always been one of my favorite combinations, but I think this may have been too much for me today. I’m starting to feel telltale signs of that annoying sugar high, so once this is posted I’m going back to the Xbox Kinect…maybe I’ll kick Chris’s ass at boxing again! Still, I’m sure I’ll meet my little chocolate and cream friends again in the not-too-distant future. After all, Oreos are so good even Weird Al couldn’t help but write an homage to them.

Oh no, I see another food holiday in our future — tomorrow is National Cereal Day!

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