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National Cereal Day

Posted by Brittany

National Cereal DayEvery once in awhile I’ll crave a breakfast of eggs and bacon or, when I’m really feeling indulgent, french toast or waffles. But for the most part, on the rare occasion that I’m eating a real breakfast, I prefer simple cereal. More than likely though, you’d find me eating it as a lazy substitute for dinner. But if my track record reveals a reliable history, this rarity of consumption is only a temporary moratorium; I go through food phases where I become obsessed with a particular cereal. As a teenager I remember having an insatiable appetite for Grape Nuts, which was eventually replaced by Waffle Crisps. Then, starting in my late teens and lasting through my mid-twenties, I avoided cereal like the plague. I’d developed an intolerance to lactose, and it was a few years before I felt like trying alternative milk options. As I grew braver I tested soy milks, rice milks, and most recently almond milk. And with these new lactose-free options, the past couple of years have seen me, at least sporadically, renew my love of cereal. My first obsession after getting back on the “cereal horse” was Lucky Charms. Now I’ve graduated to the occasional bowl of Special K Red Berries — I love how the dehydrated strawberries come back to life after soaking up milk for a few minutes!

Much like me, Chris doesn’t do very well when it comes to digesting milk. For him, the result has been a total ban on “milk and cereal.” I’ve seen him eat dry cereal by the handful (Grape Nuts are his favorite), but he hasn’t been as brave when it comes to trying lactose-free milks. Luckily, in celebration of National Cereal Day, I got him to try something new! A couple of hours after a small dinner, Chris and I hunkered down on the couch to watch an episode of “Dexter”, each with a sensible dessert in hand — of a bowl of cereal and almond milk. We enjoyed our respective favorites of Special K Red Berries and Grape Nuts, but I made a couple of annoying cereal boo-boos along the way. First, I made the unfortunate mistake of incorrectly estimating my desired cereal-to-milk ratio. I ended up with way too much almond milk and now I’m feeling more than a little full. But worse than that, as I walked over to the couch to get snuggled in my favorite spot, I let my entire spoon fall into the bowl. This is a pet peeve for me, and I really hate it when the handles of my eating utensils become covered in food. Still, you can’t sweat the small stuff, and it didn’t alter the taste of my little treat, so I was able to sit back and enjoy a little TV and cereal.

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