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Organize Your Home Office Day

Posted by Brittany

Organize Your Home Office Day BeforeOrganize Your Home Office Day AfterI try to keep an organized house. I really, really do make a concerted effort. But it always seems like when I take the extra time necessary to rearrange a closet or a drawer, the rest of my chores suffer. I may succeed in emptying the junk drawer and going through that pile of backlogged mail, but did I forget to do the laundry in the process? These small steps forward, so often followed with a step back, sometimes make the larger tasks like cleaning out the basement seem impossible. I’m just grateful that I’ve always been too lazy and uncoordinated to even consider storing anything in either of our attics. Still, though the work may be slow going, I’ve been trying my best to organize our home one small space at a time. This effort was initiated for two reasons. First, when I started watching the reality show Hoarders on a regular basis, I became accutely aware of the amount of stuff I have — unnecessary, superfluous stuff. Second, and perhaps most important, I want to get our home as close to that theoretical, zen-like atmosphere that Martha Steward has convinced me is indeed attainable before we bring a little one into the family. The idea of overhauling the garage or cleaning out the shed with a baby in tow is not something I relish.

Ironically, while I have had some success (and admittedly some setbacks) over the past year, my home office has paid the ultimate sacrifice while my attentions were focused elsewhere. My little blue corner of the house has become the dumping ground for all things Christmas, craft, and financial. It also houses all of our photos, most of my books, and all of our important documents. Over the 2010 holiday season I shut myself into the small space while I created a top-secret advent calendar for Chris. I haven’t returned for long since, other than to deposit more “stuff” that would need to be sorted through at a later date. Instead of the fun, calm space I set out to create, it has become a pit of despair that I’ve avoided at all costs.

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