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Posted by Brittany

Learn What Your Name Means DayWhen I was born almost thirty-two years ago the name Brittany was unheard of; my parents actually picked it off of a map. Since then I’ve only discovered two Brittany’s older than me — one was a girl in a yearbook, just a few years my senior, and the other was the late actress Brittany Murphy. I still feel like a kid most of the time so sometimes its hard for me to believe that I’m older that Brittney Spears. Or that I’m older than the dozens of Brittany’s who’s moms call out to them every time I go to the mall. And most shockingly, I’m even older than (gasp!) Chipette Brittany! I would like to take credit, along with my mom of course, for popularizing the name. I’d like to think its because I was such an adorable baby, and my mom, being the people-person that she is, was always running into pregnant women, or sisters and friends of expectant moms who loved my name. I guess I was just that cool from day one.

The name Brittany peaked in 2000, so it would seem that there are boatloads of tweens out there sporting my signature. But oddly, for such a popular name, there’s really not much to it. According to Wikipedia, ‘Brittany’ is a name of French and Latin origins deriving from a region in France called Brittany or Bretagne. The most literal translation is “from Britain or Bretagne,” but there are also a few more interesting interpretations of the name suggesting that it means “‘strong or beautiful’ and reflects a strong and industrious personality. It also has Irish roots, meaning swift breeze or low tide….and is derived from ‘Britannia’, a 2nd century Roman goddess…a beautiful woman…usually shown seated on a rock, holding a spear.”

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