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Lips Appreciation Day

Posted by Brittany

Lips Appreciation DayFew things in life are as sweet as a beautiful smile or a longing kiss.  Today, in honor of Lips Appreciation Day, take a moment to thank your smackers for allowing you to enjoy these pleasures –or for the part they play in helping you to articulate your words, suck through a straw, or belt out a song — the list goes on and on!  With Spring only four days away, its the perfect time to do something nice for your winter-chapped lips, so they can be ready just in time for the new season.

Besides stealing a kiss here and there, Chris and I celebrated Lips Appreciation Day with a little karaoke and pampering.  After dinner we gathered around our Xbox, blinking microphones in hand, to play Lips.  For you Playstation owners out there, Lips is a karaoke game similar to Karaoke Revolution.  I like it because, in addition to the lyrics displayed on screen, you also get and idea about what notes to aim for courtesy of guide bars — higher on the screen means a higher pitch, etc.  As usual, Chris scored better than I did.  But we had a good time, and I was glad to see that Microsoft has added some new songs in their download options.  I even saw some showtunes!

After our comical concert, we headed to a different venue — the master bathroom — to exfoliate our lips.  I have a duo of lip exfoliator and balm that I haven’t used in forever, and I was able to talk Chris into giving it a try with me.  We scrubbed and buffed our lips, and finished off by protecting them with a little balm.  They feel so smooth and sleek now, I can’t bring myself to mar my perfect pucker with dessert! Some smooches, on the other hand….

Tomorrow is Submarine Day!

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