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National Quilting Day

Posted by Brittany

Still, somehow I managed to miscalculate one of the thirty-two pieces by a couple of inches. Luckily, I know myself well enough that I’d purchased a little extra fabric. Chris helped during this process, stopping only to make dinner. It was almost midnight before all of our pieces were cut, so we haven’t gotten to any of the actual sewing yet — that will have to wait for another time. But we were able to lay out all of our pieces and get a rough idea of what our finished patchwork would look like, and I’m very excited about the end result.

Lucky for us, Baby E./Baby L. doesn’t have an arrival date (or even year yet). If things go according to plan he/she will arrive at the end of next year or early 2013. But either way, it sounds like we’ve got some time to finish up this project. And if mommy and daddy’s first attempts at quilting come turn out to suck, hey, its for a baby — I don’t think we’ll here any complaints about our needlework! And how many kids get to say their dad helped make their blankie!

Tomorrow the Neighs are celebrating Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day!

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