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National Flower Day

Posted by Chris

National Flower DayThings are a little different in the Neigh household when it comes to keeping plants alive. Brittany has what we like to call a black thumb. Every plant she tries to take care of seems to have a short life. I am by no means saying there is anything wrong with her, some people just aren’t as good with plants as others. For this reason I always end up taking care of anything we want to keep alive. It’s actually quite relaxing, at times I feel it helps relieve me of some of the stresses of everyday life.

Today, National Flower Day, is a day set aside to honor flowers. I can’t help but find it a little humorous to think that a whole day has been devoted to the reproductive structure of a plant. What makes it even more funny is that we use them to beautify our surrounding and use them in food and medicine. It is even somewhat impressive. On a more serious note though flowers truly are something we should appreciate. Flowers have a sort of power to them. A memory that will always stick with me is the feeling I got when people donated flowers to my family after my grandfather passed away.

We decided to celebrate today in two ways. A couple weeks before Thanksgiving last year while on a trip to Home Depot I picked up an amaryllis. They instructions said it would take anywhere from 6-10 weeks to bloom. The first blossum opened up on December 23, with the next on the 24th, and one more Christmas morning. The blooms only lasted a week or so but I’ve been taking care of the plant ever since. With the beginning of spring this past weekend we thought it was time to see what the next step in it’s life cycle was. After work Brittany and I did some searching online and found out that the next thing we will need to do is plant the pot this summer. Easy enough. The second thing we did to celebrate was to go to Lowes and take a look at some of the flowering plants they have to offer. We have been talking about extending our garden on the side of the house in hopes that it will deter people from walking through our grass. Well what better day to get started than National Flower Day? We were in a hurry so we could only pick up a couple plants. A pair of rhododendrons were the lucky winners today. I was able to get one planted before lightning forced me to come inside. I figured it was best to not be outside handling a metal shovel in the middle of a storm. We will be going back though at some point and picking up some more friends for our newly aquired rhododendrons.

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