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Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Posted by Brittany

Make Up Your Own Holiday DayChris and I put a lot of thought into Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. We’ve been having a great time during our year of living unofficially, but we knew this would be our one opportunity to do something more in line with our own personal agendas. We’ve visited the D.C. area more times this year than all the past few years put together, and we’ve tried new foods and activities during the past three months… but it’s all been according to ‘the calendars’ terms. So today we decided to create a stress-free holiday that would encompass all of the things we’d found so important for any given Saturday pre-2011: ‘Food, Fun, and Get Sh*t Done Day’.

Here’s a recap of our celebration:

It’s become a part of our family’s tradition to have lunch at Fujiya House (our favorite restaurant, and the location of our celebration for National Tempura Day) in Fredericksburg any Saturday we can. Their bento special is delicious and a bargain at $7.99. We ate there with my parents this afternoon and, as usual, it was everything I could have asked for and more. Today I tried the sushi bento for the first time, with avocado rolls — my favorite! It was so good. And one of the great things about this bargain special is that, in addition to being inexpensive, its filling. We didn’t eat again until after 10PM! When we finally got hungry after all those hours, we decided it was time to revisit National Chip and Dip Day, and made some yummy Garlic Dip from a sample mix our friend Jenny Brown gave us. She has her own Tastefully Simple business and the products are enough to make your mouth water!

Lunch with the family is always fun, but we decided to add a little mindless, good-for-the-heart fun as well, and played Kinect Sports on our Xbox this evening. I didn’t realize there was a crazy side to me until I’d played boxing on Kinect Sports. I go so heavy on the offense that my arms feel like rubber when I’m through, and its the only sport other than bowling where I can beat Chris. Tonight was no different — I think my computer-opponent only got two hits in!

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