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National Black Forest Cake Day

Posted by Brittany

National Black Forest Cake DayBlack Forest Cake — a combination of chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries — hails from Southern Germany. The “black forest” portion of the name refers to the Germain mountain range, not because the cake originated there, but because the area manufactures the specialty Kirschwasser liquor used in the original German recipe. While most American recipes forego the alcohol, in Germany it is illegal to market the dessert as a true Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte) without the liquor ingredient.

I like chocolate candy bars, chocolate mints, and chocolate candies. But when it comes to cake I’m really a yellow cake kind of girl. Chocolate in large quantities just seems a little overwhelming, so I approached today’s “unofficial” a bit tentatively. But I love to bake and found a simple recipe for Black Forest Cake online so I figured I would give it a whirl. I knew that baking (especially with all the clean-up) can be a lenghty process, so Chris and I diligently took inventory of our pantry and got all of the necessary ingredients this weekend. Interestingly, we did hit a snag in our search for the main ingredient: sour pitted cherries. Wegman’s carries them in their United Kindom foods section, but the were all out so we had to settle for tart cherries in water. With the shopping done, we laid all of the non-perishables out on the counter and started to get excited about the upcoming baking adventure.

After a taxing day at the office we hurried home and got to work. Baking the chocolate cakes was easy enough, but we were both a little surprised at just how long the cherries took to heat up and thicken. After the cake and cherries had a chance to cool, we mixed up some homemade whipped cream (this is a favorite for us — we prefer to make whipped cream from scratch whenever it’s needed) and frosted our cake. As much as I love baking, I usually gravitate toward recipes for cookies, brownies, etc, so this was actually my first time frosting a cake. As expected, my maiden expedition into frosting didn’t come out entirely beautiful but, hey, it all tastes the same in the end anyway so who cares.

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