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April Fool’s Day

Posted by Brittany

April Fool's DayApril Fool’s Day is celebrated as the perfect excuse for good-natured hoaxes and pranks. Although its exact origins are unknown, it is enjoyed worldwide by friends, families, co-workers, and even the media. In some countries it’s customary to trick friends by trying to pin a paper fish to their backs without being caught in the act, while in certain other areas etiquette dictates that all pranks must be completed before noon. Luckily, in the U.S. general tomfoolery is accepted throughout the entire day on April 1st.

A few days ago Chris and I decided that we would spare our families the wrath of our April fools and reserve our tricks for each other. I can be quite gullible at times, so his task was pretty easy. Something one of the dogs did woke me up this morning and when I looked over at my clock it said 6:08. The alarm on my phone usually goes off at 6AM, so I was shocked, but not quite in a panic since I’d only lost eight minutes of my morning routine. Still, I was dismayed about the alarm not working (other iPhone users out there know that faulty alarms have been a real issue after some of the updates), and woke Chris up, complaining in a shocked voice. He started giggling and said “April fools!” Apparently after I fell asleep last night he changed the time on the clock on my nightstand, and my iPhone, then re-set the alarm for 7AM (6AM real time). If the dogs hadn’t woken me up I would have thought it was 7AM when my alarm went off! Then I would really have been in a panic! At least this way, once I’d laughed off Chris’s joke and settled back down, I almost felt like I was getting an extra hour of sleep.

My prank was a horrible fail. Chris really hates spiders so I looked for some little plastic spiders earlier this week, but I didn’t have any luck — I guess they’re not really popular until Halloween. I settled for a little rubber snake and placed it strategically in the shower this morning, so its rubber head and tongue were poking out from between his shampoo and conditioner bottles. I was brushing my teeth when he got in the shower and had my fingers crossed, praying he wouldn’t jump at the sight of the snake, slip in the shower, and end up with a broken hip. In reality, he had the exact opposite reaction. When he pulled back the shower curtain I heard him say “seriously, Brittany?” Not even a little yelp. At least we were able to dry off the snake and put it to get use by bringing it to the office and scaring one of our co-workers. And I got some satisfaction later in the day — Chris got his comeuppance when he fell for Google’s Gmail Motion hoax!

Did any of you play a successful prank? Or were you the victim of one? Either way, the fun and games aren’t over yet — tomorrow is International Pillow Fight Day.

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