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International Pillow Fight Day

Posted by Brittany

International Pillow Fight DayAs long as there have been pillows there have been pillow fights. But thanks to the internet and social networking, now there are pillow fight flash mobs. In fact, the largest flash mob to date was the first International Pillow Fight Day held in 2008, with over twenty-five cities participating. Since then, this “unofficial” has become an annual event, with cities across the globe gathering to temporarily expel life’s frustrations with a little fun and laughter. This year over 130 cities registered events on, and we were very pleased to see that Washington D.C. was included among the participants!

To celebrate today’s “unofficial” Chris and I hopped on the metro with our cousins, Joey and Emily Neigh, and headed for the pillow fight in our nation’s capitol. Participants were encouraged to keep their pillows hidden until the official start of the fight so we concealed them in giant shopping bags and a back pack. The event was scheduled to take place at the fountain in front of the Capitol Building at 2 PM and we made it just in time. As we arrived, two members of Capitol Improv (the group that sponsored the DC area event) started a mock argument and pulled out their pillows as confused tourists looked on. That was the cue for everyone to break out their pillows and join in. And did we ever! A crowd of a couple hundred people — from children to older adults– formed a sort of pillow fight mosh pit. The fight lasted close to a half hour, with just about everyone screaming and laughing the entire time! The good mood was contagious — at one point there was a wheelchair-bound veteran parked at the edge of the commotion with a permanent grin spread across his face.

Chris says this has been his favorite “unofficial” so far. It was definitely a lot of fun, and who knew that pillow fighting could be such a workout? Here are some other highlights from the event:

1) Some participants kept getting up on each other’s shoulders to gain an advantage in the fight. At one point a man called out, in a rather dramatic Shakespearean kind of voice: “kill the giants,” and stormed toward them.

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