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National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Posted by Chris

National Deep Dish Pizza DayChicago style pizza, also known as deep dish, is characterized as having a buttery crust with sides built up to as high as three inches tall. The crust acts as a bowl to help hold the ingredients. As it’s name suggests it was first developed in Chicago in 1943 by Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell. Not only is a deep dish pizza different from a traditional pizza because of it’s crust but also because it is heavy on pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings. Deep dish pizza has become so popular throughout the years that many chains have developed their own recipe.

Like most people, Brittany and I enjoy pizza. It isn’t something we eat too often since it is probably one of the least healthy foods out there. But man is it good. Through trial and error I have developed what we consider the perfect pizza. It isn’t a deep dish pizza though; instead we prefer a thin crust. In celebration of today’s unofficial we thought we would stray away from our norm.

The obvious choice for today’s holiday would have been to go to a local Uno’s. We opted out though and decided on Pizza Hut instead. Our pizza of choice was a large pepperoni lovers pan pizza. While it is debated online as to whether this qualifies as a deep dish or not, as far as I am concerned it definitely was. I can usually eat five or six pieces with no problem (yeah I know typical glutinous American), today however the crust was think I could barely eat three, while Brittany had to stop at two. If that isn’t deep dish I don’t know what is! It had been probably close to a decade since I had last had a pizza from Pizza Hut. It seems like all anyone orders these days is Papa Johns, Dominoes, and recently Little Caesars. I, and Brittany too, truly forgot how good Pizza Hut was. I am sure that some of the leftovers will make a good breakfast in the morning, maybe even lunch as well.

I was able to spread the word today and, I think, convince a few of my coworkers to celebrate as well. I will have to double check with them tomorrow but I have a feeling a couple of them were telling the truth.

I love food but can’t afford to continue eating so poorly. I sure hope the food holidays start to slow down. Unfortunately for my diet tomorrow is National Caramel Popcorn Day. Fortunately for my stomach I like caramel popcorn. I can’t wait!

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