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National Beer Day

Posted by Brittany

National Beer DayOn April 7, 1933 the Cullen-Harrison Act when into affect and the sale of beer, which had been outlawed during the Prohibition, became legal again. Although the manufacture and sale of liquor remained illegal for some time, the act that had been signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, allowed for the sale of beer with less than 3.2% alcohol content. The Prohibition had lasted over thirteen long years, and with the legalization of beer many anxious people flocked to their local breweries to imbibe on April 7, now known as National Beer day or New Beer’s Eve.

I’ve mentioned in several previous posts that I’m not much of a drinker…and I never really was. Throughout my high school years I was mostly a straight-arrow, earning good grades and staying away from drugs and alcohol. And while I did drink when I got to college, it was really very little considering the party-school status of JMU. But when I did drink during those brief college years I liked to call myself a cheap date — I was fine with two or three cans of Milwaukee’s Best (“The Beast!”) beer, or even a 40 of Old English. In short, I was a beer girl. But, as time progressed, I lost my appreciation for beer and became increasingly disgusted by it’s taste. It wasn’t long before I was drinking girly fruit-flavored drinks, and not too long after that before I wasn’t drinking at all. Suddenly I’d become an even cheaper date. I don’t mean to suggest that I have any problem with others drinking in moderation — I have many friends who enjoy their wine and liquor. It’s just that I’ve found it’s not for me. Chris, on the other hand, enjoys his beer, but saves his drinking for the occasional meal out and special events.

And what better special event to throw back a cold one than National Beer Day? Luckily this “unofficial” fell at the end of the week, on a Thirsty Thursday, the perfect night for a trip to our local bar. But before we headed out this evening we did the responsible thing and filled up on a large meal of leftover Chicken Cordon Bleu first (it was almost just as good re-heated!). When we had scraped our plates clean we made our way to the Fredericksburg Pub in Fredericksburg, VA. The bar and restaurant are only a couple of years old, having been added as part of the renovation of Spotsylvania Mall. The last time we’d been was during the week of our wedding — we went with our wedding party after our rehearsal dinner, and a few of us went again after the reception the next evening).

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