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National Beer Day

Posted by Brittany

In spite of my general distaste for beer, it was nice to go back again. As soon as we walked in the live music started, with popular songs performed by a very talented man who did a perfect Dave Matthew’s impression. (And he even played the ukelele!) Chris and I giggled immaturely about the kilts worn by both the male and female waitresses as he enjoyed a Dogfish Head 60 minute Indian Pale Ale and I struggled through a Magners Irish Cider. Did I mention that one of the side affects of never drinking is a low tolerance? I think I may have “tipsy-dialed” (as opposed to having full-on “drunk-dialed”) my brother to set up plans for National Siblings Day.

Oh well, the affects are wearing off now and I’ll be back to my normal self for work tomorrow. And for Draw a Picture of a Bird Day of course!

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